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1: Why They Call it "Sound Reinforcement"
By Fred J Roger A live "sound reinforcement" system (like the ones used in concert venues, churches, and music festivals) is a collection of electronic components that allow sound waves to be..

2: The Role of Mixing in Digital Music Production
Sound mixing is an art which relies on technological tools for expression. Professional music producers spend a lot of time mixing their creations because mixing done the right or wrong way can make..

3: Playing Live - How to Mix Your Band's Sound and Deal With Sound Problems
By Jez Rogers Sound checks are all about getting a band's on-stage sound balance right, but with a crowd in you will need to make some further adjustments as two things will have changed. One, an..

4: Outdoor Gigs - What's The Difference?
By Mark Bendig Summer is almost upon us, and so is the season for bands of all kinds to be invited to play outdoors - at a restaurant, at an outdoor party, at a national park. Wherever it is, all..

5: The New Bands Guide to Getting the Best From Their Live Sound
Author: When you are a new band, playing live is nerve wracking enough without having to worry about the front of house sound. Surely it’s enough to be concerned about whether your..

6: Does Your Band Need A Sound Man?
By Mark Bendig I have been running sound for a mostly-acoustic oldies band known as Rusty Strings since the band's inception in 2005. At a gig, typically in a club or restaurant, the first part of my..

7: The Microphone Explained
Author: Sophie Milch Microphones are an example of transducers. Transducers are in fact devices which transform information from one form to the other. The most common microphones which are used for..

8: How to Get an Awesome Live Drum Sound
by Daniel Williams Essential reading for any amateur drummer Ever wondered why some drummers kits sound amazing and others sound terrible? Want to make your drum kit sound sweet on the live stage?..

9: Live Sound - Five Tips For Avoiding Feedback at Your Shows
By Mark Bendig One of the worst events that can befall a band during a show, aside from actual injury to any of its members, is to have a screeching blast of feedback suddenly deafen the audience,..

10: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moving Coil Microphones
By: Victor Epand A moving coil microphone functions on the basic principle of Electromagnetic induction. It has a copper wire coil, which when moves in the magnetic field a voltage is generated. Then..

11: Active vs Passive Direct Boxes?
by Quinton Jones Why do you need a direct box if you can plug a guitar or keyboard directly into a mixer with no problems? That's a great question! It's easy to ignore DI's, but they play a vital..

12: Audio Engineering Training
Audio engineering training prepares you for a rewarding career in music. Audio engineering training is something you might want to consider if you're interested in music and have a way with..

13: The Basic PA System
By Bill McRea PA systems (aka live sound) range from those that put out just a few watts like those for addressing a large boardroom to the mega systems that put out tens of thousands of watts like..

14: How to Set up a PA System
There are a few different types of PA systems: Some are more inclusive units, and others are very complex and quite large (this is common in most venue owned ones). Setting up a PA system can be a..

15: Zouk - the Dance and the Music
Zouk is a beautiful type of music hailing from the Caribbean islands Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk is rhythmic with a very distinctive rhythm pattern. The words of the songs are often in..

16: Something About Microphones
By Robert Shaver A microphone, sometimes referred to as a mike or mic is an acoustic-to-electric device or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal. Normally they are a very sensitive..

17: Music Industry Jobs - What's Out There?
Music Industry Jobs - What's Out There? By Dustin J Moore Human beings are a complex amalgam of psychology, nature, desires, necessities, etc. They urge for activities that keep their soul working,..

18: This Little Thing Called Mixing
This Little Thing Called Mixing by: Arthur Andersson How did we get to this state in the evolution of music technology and performing arts, where a mix can make such a big difference? A song which..

19: How To Restring a Guitar
by Tod Woodward Professionals will tell you there are key rules to following when knowing how to restring a guitar. Three significant rules to consider. I am a trained guitarist and have changed..

20: Why Independent Artists and Musicians Should Podcast
Why Independent Artists and Musicians Should Podcast Independent artists have long struggled to gain recognition and attract an audience. Without the backing of a major label it can be very difficult..

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