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1: The Role of Mixing in Digital Music Production
Sound mixing is an art which relies on technological tools for expression. Professional music producers spend a lot of time mixing their creations because mixing done the right or wrong way can make or break a song.

2: The New Bands Guide to Getting the Best From Their Live Sound
When you are a new band, playing live is nerve wracking enough without having to worry about the front of house sound. Surely it’s enough to be concerned about whether your finely crafted and highly practised material will stand up to public scrutiny, or if you’ll make a tube of yourself by falling off the stage in front of the gathered mass of friends and family.

3: Audio Engineering Training
Audio engineering training prepares you for a rewarding career in music. Audio engineering training is something you might want to consider if you're interested in music and have a way with technology.

4: Zouk - the Dance and the Music
Zouk is a beautiful type of music hailing from the Caribbean islands Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk is rhythmic with a very distinctive rhythm pattern. The words of the songs are often in Antillia

5: Music Industry Jobs - What's Out There?
Many believe the music industry is limited to playing instruments or singing. However, this couldn't be more untrue. Many people make livings by doing other very important jobs related to marketing the artists.

6: Why Independent Artists and Musicians Should Podcast
Independent artists have long struggled to gain recognition and attract an audience. Without the backing of a major label it can be very difficult for independent artists to obtain radio play time, that is, until now. Podcasting a revolutionary new medium, has opened new distribution channels for independent artists.

7: Grammy Winning Tips For Musicians To Better Sounding Songs
How to inject POWER and ENERGY into your songs when mixing your music. These and other tips will help your music STAND OUT whether you want to send it to record labels, post it on MySpace, or sell it independently. Grammy winning Artists, Musicians, Producers, and Engineers have been using these techniques for decades and there are 3 things your hit song MUST HAVE or else people will tune it out in less than a minute. Don't miss.

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