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Zouk - the Dance and the Music

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by: peterzschmidtv
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Zouk is a beautiful type of music hailing from the Caribbean islands Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk is rhythmic with a very distinctive rhythm pattern. The words of the songs are often in Antillian creole. The word "zouk" itself means "festival". Zouk has garnered attention in France, in parts of Canada and also in Portuguese and French speaking countries of Africa.

It's possible to find several genres of zouk music around the planet.

Traditional Caribbean Zouk Music - The traditional zouk dancing, as danced on Martinique and Guadeloupe islands, is quite simple and is in many aspects akin to the merengue dance. The steps (often called simply "time") are counted as 1-2, 1-2. The movements are not sophisticated and combinations are not abundant. The traditional zouk steps are performed simply by shifting the body weight from one foot to the other to the music.

Zouk-Love - now Zouk-love is a very different type of zouk music and dance. The music is gentle, romantic and comes originally from the island of Dominica. Two closely related kinds of zouk music are kizomba, coming from Angola, and Cape Verdean cola-zouk .

Zouk Lambada - Unlike the tradtional Caribbean zouk, the zouk of Brazil is danced in a one-three-four one-three-four manner and is a successor of the Brazilian lambada dance. Lambada is a fast dance, however when matched with zouk music, it suddenly becomes slow, with room for complex moves and turns. Zouk-lambada is a romantic dance compared to the usual lambada.

Soulzouk - Soulzouk is a very modern style of zouk dance which is quickly becoming popular in Brazil. This style is an attempt to create a more powerful connection with the melody of the music and not only the beat. Therefore, soulzouk can be applied not only to zouk music, but also to such contemporary genres as hip-hop or RnB.

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