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1: Why They Call it "Sound Reinforcement"
A live "sound reinforcement" system (like the ones used in concert venues, churches, and music festivals) is a collection of electronic components that allow sound waves to be converted into electrical signal, amplified, and then converted back into audible sound, usually at a much higher volume level.

2: Playing Live - How to Mix Your Band's Sound and Deal With Sound Problems
Sound checks are all about getting a band's on-stage sound balance right, but with a crowd in you will need to make some further adjustments as two things will have changed.

3: Outdoor Gigs - What's The Difference?
Summer is almost upon us, and so is the season for bands of all kinds to be invited to play outdoors - at a restaurant, at an outdoor party, at a national park. Wherever it is, all you have to do is set up your stuff and play, just like it was another night at the Itchy Kitty, right? Well, not exactly.

4: Does Your Band Need A Sound Man?
At a gig, typically in a club or restaurant, the first part of my job consists of setting up the mixer, power amp, and effects boxes, running the snake to the playing area, and hooking up the instruments and vocal microphones to the snake. During the show, I ride the mixer faders as needed to keep the sound balanced and respond to requests from the band for level changes in the monitors.

5: The Microphone Explained
The most common microphones which are used for musical purposes are ribbon, condenser and dynamic microphones. All microphones have the competence to convert sound energy into electrical energy.

6: How to Get an Awesome Live Drum Sound
Ever wondered why some drummers kits sound amazing and others sound terrible? Want to make your drum kit sound sweet on the live stage? What follows is what i think are just a few of the things you need to do to have a glitch free gig with a great drum sound that blends in with the rest of the band.

7: Live Sound - Five Tips For Avoiding Feedback at Your Shows
One of the worst events that can befall a band during a show, aside from actual injury to any of its members, is to have a screeching blast of feedback suddenly deafen the audience, sending the band's approval rating spiraling downward.

8: The Basic PA System
PA systems (aka live sound) range from those that put out just a few watts like those for addressing a large boardroom to the mega systems that put out tens of thousands of watts like those that are used for mega music events in stadia.

9: How to Set up a PA System
This is an outline of the steps to hooking up a basic sound system for live sound mixing.

10: Something About Microphones
A brief explanation of microphones and the principles that they operate by and the different types available. A description of where different types of microphones are used.

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